Mandarin Chicken Salad

Give your salad an Asian flare. Chicken breast, mandarin orange slices, green onions, peanuts, sesame seeds, red cabbage, carrots, and fried noodles on this Asian-fusion dish, dressed in a tangy ginger sesame vinaigrette.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Tender chicken strips coated in our mildly spicy BBQ sauce and built on a fresh lettuce base. With yellow corn, seasoned black beans, green onions, tortilla strips, and shredded cheddar and jack cheeses, this flavor packed salad is a weekend favorite. Served with ranch dressing.

Cobb Salad

A colorful array of hardboiled egg, avocado, blue cheese crumbles, bacon, red onion, tomato, red cabbage, carrots, shredded cheddar cheese topped with grilled chicken breast.

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, shaved pecorino, Romano cheese, and our famous Caesar dressing, bursting with rich flavors. Add Grilled Chicken +3, Steak +6, Shrimp +8

Orange Ave. Salad

Mixed greens, baby kale, red quinoa, beets, cucumber, feta, red onion, avocado, served with a light and zesty orange vinaigrette. Add Grilled Chicken +3, Steak +6, Shrimp +8

House Salad

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, thinly sliced red onions, and sweet carrots.

Wedge Salad

A hunk of iceburg lettuce serves as a vehicle to transfer Applewood smoked bacon, red onion, tomato, and blue cheese crumbles from plate to mouth. Served with our mouth-watering blue cheese dressing.

House Mixed Salad

A classic pick served with pine nuts, cranberries, tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage, and goat cheese served on mixed greens with herb-balsamic dressing.


This traditional Italian antipasto dish features buffalo mozzarella,fresh tomatoes, basil, and balsamic reduction. Served with herb-balsamic vinaigrette. Add Grilled Chicken +3, Steak +6, Shrimp +8

Warm Steak Spinach Salad

Juicy grilled steak strips atop organic wilted spinach with a mix of caramelized Applewoodsmoked bacon, hard boiled eggs, and pine nuts.

Raspberry & Nectarine Salad

Mixed greens, raspberries, nectarines, cashews tossed in a light mint raspberry vinaigrette. Add Grilled Chicken +3, Steak +6, Shrimp +8

You can change your salad into a wrap for $2


served with fresh orange slices

Grilled BBQ Chicken & Avo Wrap

This wrap is packed full of grilled chicken breast, fresh avocado and a tangy BBQ sauce. There’s also plenty of greens inside with our slaw style greens wrapped in a spinach tortilla.

Mango Shrimp Wrap

Lightly battered shrimp are paired with mango vinaigrette, slaw style greens and fresh avocado wrapped in a spinach tortilla.